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Quotes from Students

“It polished my skills and worked like therapy.”
“Cathartic and a bonding experience.”
“Made even my technical presentations more compelling and engaging.”

70% Left Out

Nearly three-quarters of remote workers feel left out.
State of the Digital Workspace Study

54% Voiceless

Over half of remote employees feel voiceless Study

22-X Boost

Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.
Stanford University Study

Build Community and Skills

Unite Remote Workers

Create employee experiences through remote events that engage and connect people no matter where they are.

Build Inclusive Culture

When employees feel heard they feel included and valued. Increase contribution by sharing interests and personal journeys.

Enhance Public Speaking

Boost career skills, be memorable, and inspire action by turning facts and figures into compelling stories.

Bill Bernat

Bill is a TED speaker and The Moth Radio Hour storyteller focused on helping create more moments of happiness that occur when people connect. He is a certified Living Proof Advocacy® speaker coach. He leads storytelling workshops and events for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the general public.

Bill got his start in IT working for NASA and ended it working 16hr days at a successful dot-com. He had a parallel odyssey through depression, addiction, social anxiety, and other islands of growth.

After becoming a high achiever in the field of self-destruction, he built a new life clean (11yr). He learned how to live well with his bipolar 2 condition. He developed a new career in technology marketing, helping a tiny startup to seven years of consecutive growth.

Bill’s TED talk on How to Connect with Depressed Friends has nearly 2 million views, and his Goalcast video on overcoming social anxiety has over 1 million. He performs an award-winning comedy show about depression and anxiety in the US and Canada. Bill’s media appearances include NPR and NBC.

Bill created NAMI’s signature Brainpower Chronicles depression and anxiety storytelling series. He is also the resident speaker coach for The Stability Network.

Melody Owen

Melody has a passion for creating positive change in the world by teaching people authentic communications. She is an internationally recognized instructor and workshop leader. Melody helps businesses succeed by infusing storytelling into internal and external communications.

Melody teaches communication and storytelling skills to professionals from a wide range of industries including mining, banking, technology, publishing, medicine and agriculture.

Melody has lived and worked in Canada, Japan and Peru, teaching in both academic and corporate settings. In Peru, she taught at Universidad del Pacifico and represented Oxford University Press throughout Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Back home in Canada, she has worked as a college administrator in the private sector as well as a business development coach. Returning to school to add software systems development to her skills set, she then worked in technology firms until she founded her own company. She has also studied corporate storytelling and narrative therapy practice to round out her story coaching skills set.

She offers storytelling workshops and coaching to performers, businesses and the general public. She specializes in helping public speakers, entrepreneurs, executives and data scientists express themselves. By understanding their purpose, their audience, and learning the story design skills they need, ordinary people become amazing speakers.

About Connecting Story Design

Connecting Story Design was created by Bill and Melody to bring connection and belonging to people around the world through the power of story.